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Garage Door Opener

We have a very old garage door opener in our house, and it only has one remote control, and is too old to use a "universal" garage door opener. I wanted to try and make two new ways to open the door. The first was a keypad so my son could open the door from the front. The second was a method to open the door using our iPhones.

Arduino-based Garage Door Opener

In my first solution to the project, I settled on using an Arduino for both parts. It's an Arduino Uno with a WiFi card. The card enables the Arduino to become a simple webserver on the house's secured WiFi network. The phones also switch to using the internal network as we pull into the driveway. When the Arduino recognizes the correct URL, a relay triggers the garage door.

By using the security built into the WiFi hub, most simple record/playback attacks are defeated. Of course WiFi security isn't perfect by any means, but neither are door locks...

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