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Web-based Applications

I've built web-based applications using a number of technologies including PHP (with Wordpress and without), Java (servlets, JSP), ASP.Net, and even python. The technologies I use to help my development include JQuery, JQueryUI, Bootstrap/Twitter, Firebug, Chrome, as well as several homespun tools that are custom-built for the process.

Plains Justice is a local public-interest non-profit law firm that specializes in energy and environmental issues. This site was my first foray into using Wordpress as a CMS at the root of a web-app, so the "application" side of the website is quite thin.

Cognitive Media is a flash-games website based on the idea that your brain can be exercised, and this exercise can be ordinary flash-based games instead of custom-built applications. The site categorizes standard flash games by the kinds of cognitive simulation the game provides, and then tracks your "exercise" as you play.

The site itself was custom built from the ground up using ASP.NET and JQuery. Most of the custom coding was done in C#.

CoalDiver is a mostly volunteer effort to collect all information possible about coal mining in the United States. While there is a huge amount of information out there at various federal, state and local websites, as well as in the news and on blogs, it can be very difficult to track down information unless you're an expert on the different websites

CoalDiver is built using a huge number of technologies. At its core is WordPress with the Pods plugin. Each piece of information on the website is a WP article tagged with a list of the WP pages that it refers to. Pods enables the WP pages to be built dynamically through crossreferencing available articles. The website also uses Scribd to store all of the documents, and flickr to store all the photos. Both documents and photos are pulled into WP pages using the respective APIs.

CoalDiver also makes use of a number of free online resources about coal mining including the excellent CoalSwarm run by Ted Nace, and the amazing OpenSourceCoal run by Appalachian Voices.

You know we're constantly taking. We don't make most of the food we eat, we don't grow it, anyway. We wear clothes other people make, we speak a language other people developed, we use a mathematics other people evolved and spent their lives building. I mean we're constantly taking things. It's a wonderful ecstatic feeling to create something and put it into the pool of human experience and knowledge. -- Steve Jobs, Rolling Stone, November 1983.